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Microsoft Partner
We have joined the Microsoft Partner program

Happy New Year 2013
A warm welcome back to the fold after the Christmas break.


Melrose Management Services
We bring skills together to provide automated solutions to assist your manual data processing. Working primarily with Microsoft products (Office / SQL Server / .Net), an efficient and cost-effective centralised system can be created that replaces a disparate set of tasks that your business has learned to live with. You may have realised that your manual processes are no longer sufficient to run your business, you may have found that the knowledge that put those processes in place have now moved on, you may even have bought a software package that is fantastic and does almost everything you need, but misses a key component giving you hours of heartache. We can help you redefine your processes, create a robust system to bring those processes together, or even prototype your system so that you can accurately demonstrate to a software provider what it is that you really need.
We can also offer specific skills, such as rewriting a Microsoft Access database, providing a suite of Crystal reports, designing and implementing integration between unrelated products. Have a quick browse of the website, then drop us a line on the contact page.
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